Ardo Utradi of Kandhkot: Famous Sindhi Writer

Ardo Utradi reviwing magazine in his library

Ardo Utradi is the pen name of Mr. Arsalah Bajkani Baloch of Kandhkot, a Sindhi revolutionary poet, influential writer, and admirable historian. He had a very high influence on Sindhi youngsters during the period of the eighties to the nineties.  He is infamous and underrated by the millennials because the new generation has cooped himself […]

History of Kandhkot

Introduction Kandhkot is the Tehsil and district headquarters of Kashmore district. The word Kandhkot is made up of the Sindhi language’s two words. Kandh + Kot.  Kandh means Neck or Rivers Bank and Kot refers to a fort or wall to protect the infrastructure.   Kandhkot refers to a fort or defensive wall created by humans, […]