Cold-Blooded Brothers: A Sad story of Baloch Psycho girl

Baloch Psycho girl with beautiful Eyes

This is a real story of a very poor and innocent Psycho girl who transformed from innocent to an offensive kid by her Cold-Blooded Brothers. I saw her at a close relative’s wedding. She was wearing a green dupatta and trying to persuade her mom to buy stuff. And both my Amma (Mom) and I […]

Ardo Utradi of Kandhkot: Famous Sindhi Writer

Ardo Utradi reviwing magazine in his library

Ardo Utradi is the pen name of Mr. Arsalah Bajkani Baloch of Kandhkot, a Sindhi revolutionary poet, influential writer, and admirable historian. He had a very high influence on Sindhi youngsters during the period of the eighties to the nineties.  He is infamous and underrated by the millennials because the new generation has cooped himself […]

History of Kandhkot

Introduction Kandhkot is the Tehsil and district headquarters of Kashmore district. The word Kandhkot is made up of the Sindhi language’s two words. Kandh + Kot.  Kandh means Neck or Rivers Bank and Kot refers to a fort or wall to protect the infrastructure.   Kandhkot refers to a fort or defensive wall created by humans, […]

SEO for Photographers: how to rank images in google in a better way

Seo for phootgraphers how to rank images in google

Search Engine Optimization – SEO for Photographers has a vital impact on the life of every lensman. My fellow photographers mostly ask me – how to rank images on google. Well, as a Photographer, we use the term image optimization for reducing the picture to the minimum possible size with maximum pixels and details. While […]

GoPro Hero 10 Black Review

The motivation for this write-up, to document the GoPro Hero 10 Black review is to inform action camera lovers about the pros and cons of Hero 10. The latest Hero 10 Black is in my hands, but it’s an entirely new world for me. I bought it a few months ago and found it an […]

What is the Positive and Negative Impact of Social Media on Education

Impact of Social Media on Education

The impact of social media on education holds both positive and negative sides. There is a bunch of positive effects of social media on education which has highly transformed the educational style of the teachers and students. Actually, social media is affecting students’ academic performance at a very high pace. This article covers the positive […]

Latest Social Media Limits 2022: Facebook Instagram Twitter WhatsApp TikTok

Latest Social Media Limits for users and Marketing agencies

Being a digital marketing and IT expert, the social media limits are essential nowadays. As, Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but there are some limitations that users should be aware of. While they can be great for staying connected with friends and family, there are also many […]

Race with Sunset

Last of Moments of the Year sunset at Islamabad

O Fazla (Fazal Muhammad), O! Murtoo (Ghulam Mutraza), O! Khaloo (Khalid), O! Pharoo (Farman), Where are you, guys? Come to the bank of the river and look at the sun while diving in the water. One of our crime partners shouts continuously. My hut-house was situated at the bank of the pond, It was an […]

20 Pro-tips: How to Become Famous on Instagram 2022

Pro tips how to get famous on instagram as photogrpaher

How to become famous on Instagram is among one of the most search terms in 2021. Instagram, the sixth-largest most popular social networking platform with more than 1 billion monthly daily visitors. And, number one photography social media platforms focusing on photo and video sharing. In 2016, I created my Instagram profile @balochlens (the account […]

What is the distance between heaven and hell Story

Madrsa Kids studying rules of Arbic

What is the distance between heaven and hell is a heart-wrenching story of two madrassah children, observed by me during a photo tour in the rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan. I got special permission from Molvi, a highly qualified Religious scholar or caretaker of Madrassah, for taking photographs of Talibs, an Arabic word for the […]