Cold-Blooded Brothers: A Sad story of Baloch Psycho girl

Baloch Psycho girl with beautiful Eyes

This is a real story of a very poor and innocent Psycho girl who transformed from innocent to an offensive kid by her Cold-Blooded Brothers. I saw her at a close relative’s wedding. She was wearing a green dupatta and trying to persuade her mom to buy stuff. And both my Amma (Mom) and I … Read more

Race with Sunset

Last of Moments of the Year sunset at Islamabad

O Fazla (Fazal Muhammad), O! Murtoo (Ghulam Mutraza), O! Khaloo (Khalid), O! Pharoo (Farman), Where are you, guys? Come to the bank of the river and look at the sun while diving in the water. One of our crime partners shouts continuously. My hut-house was situated at the bank of the pond, It was an … Read more

What is the distance between heaven and hell Story

Madrsa Kids studying rules of Arbic

What is the distance between heaven and hell is a heart-wrenching story of two madrassah children, observed by me during a photo tour in the rural areas of Sindh, Pakistan. I got special permission from Molvi, a highly qualified Religious scholar or caretaker of Madrassah, for taking photographs of Talibs, an Arabic word for the … Read more