Ardo Utradi reviwing magazine in his library

Ardo Utradi of Kandhkot: Famous Sindhi Writer

Ardo Utradi is the pen name of Mr. Arsalah Bajkani Baloch of Kandhkot, a Sindhi revolutionary poet, influential

Ardo Utradi of Kandhkot, a famous baloch and Sindhi revolutionary writer.
Ardo Utradi Bajkani Baloch

writer, and admirable historian. He had a very high influence on Sindhi youngsters during the period of the eighties to the nineties.  He is infamous and underrated by the millennials because the new generation has cooped himself with the technology. Because he has a lack of interest in social media or the internet. 

The sole reason for this article is for two reasons paying tribute to the living legend of Baloch and disclosing to the Sindhi world about the phony Ardo of social Media.

It hurts to write that a phony Ardo Utradi is currently circulating on social media and claiming to be the actual one. He is speaking about Sindhi philosophy and also reciting revolutionary poetry. 

As a result, the actual Ardo Utradi (Mr. Arsalah Bajkani Baloch) is losing his identity among Sindhis, particularly the younger and more impressionable members of society. 

Ardo Utradi is a unique pen name that has been acquired by tireless efforts, sacrifices, and wise investments made through the challenging times in the Sindhi literary and social arena. 

Among Sindhi writers worldwide, Arsalah Bajkani aka Ardo Utradi is regarded as a leading figure.

The pseudo-Ardo Utradi on social media particularly YouTube is significantly affecting the reputation and identity of the real one.

Who is Ardo Utradi?

Ardo Utradi is the pen Name of Mr. Arsalah Bajkani. He was born on 17th May 1949 in the house of Mr. Khoh-i-dil Bajkani at Village Gulwani, Taluka Kandhkot Previously Jacobabad Now District Kashmore @ Kandhkot. 

He had seven sons and one daughter. His father was a farmer by profession. Ardo Utradi is a teacher (now retired), revolutionary Poet, Author, Historian, and Researcher. He Has published 10 books on various topics. 

Meaning of Ardo Utradi

The word Ardo Utradi is a combination of two Sindhi words Ardo (courageous) and Utradi (inhabitants of the northmost area of Sindh – Jacobabad, Kashmore, Kandhkot, Thul, Tangwani Talukas).

Educational and Professional Career of Ardo Utradi

The education career of Mr. Arsalah Bajkani alias Ardo Utradi starts in his village, Government Primary School village Gulwani. He completed his matriculation and Intermediate from Government High School Kandhkot. 

He is MA (Sindh) from Sindh University, Jamshoro 1985. He also completed his B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) in 1980, with a well-researched monograph on the life and literary services of Sindhi Abdul Ghafoor Memon.  

His monographic work was translated into Gujrati and published by the Kathiawari Memons Karachi. It is exceptional in Sindh that someone’s B. Ed work is taken into consideration at the highest level.

Ardo Utradi Served as Gauge Read in Irrigation Department Sindh from 1968-1972. In 1975, he was appointed as Primary Teacher and promoted as High School Teacher in 1988. His High School teaching at a government school ends in 2009 after attaining the age of superannuation. 

Literary Career of Ardo Utradi

The literary career of Ardo Utadi starts in back 1968. He stepped into the literary world under the pseudonym “Aajez” – Humble or Helpless. His articles, poetry,

Ardo Utradi reviwing magazine in his library
Sir Arsalah Bajkani alias Aardo Utradi in his library

and research articles were published in numerous Sindhi newspapers, Magazines, and Booklets at a mass publication. 

He is the true follower of Sindhi spiritual leader, Saeen GM Syed (founder of the Sindhudesh movement). He was known as Aajiz in the literary circle, but his poetry was opposite to his pen name. There was no reflection of humbleness in his poetry. He did change his alias to Ardo Utradi in 1981.

Due to his revolutionist poetry against martial law, feudalism, and Pakistani administrators, his friends suggested, that he should change his pen name from “Aajiz” to “Ardo”. Hence a new and revolutionary pseudonym entered Sindhi literature. 

Author Ardo remained one of the most active members of the Sindhi nationalist group Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) because of his close relationship with Saeen GM Syed.

Currently, he is residing at Village Muhammad Mureed Khan Bajkani, Tehsil Tangwani, District Kashmore @ Kandhkot 

Ardo Utradi is an active social worker and member of Sindh Graduate Association (SAGA) Kandhkot. He is a vice president of the historical and cultural society Kashmore @ Kandhkot. 

Publications of Ardo Utradi 

Published as a Self-Author

  1. Memon Abdul Ghafoor Sindhi Joon Adabi Khidmatoon (Literary services of Sindhi Abdul Ghafoor Memon), B.Ed Monograph, Kathiawar Memon Karachi, 19881 (Published in Gujrati)
  2. Jung jo Elaan (Declaration of War) Poetry Collection, Jeay Sindh Qomi Mahaz, 1988
  3. Yaad Tokhey Kariyan (Missing You), Sindhi National Academy, 2007
  4. Tareekh aen Asaan (Human and History), Self Published, 2011
  5. Kashmore Ziley Ji Tareekh ( History of Kashmore District), New Sindh Academy Karachi, 2013
  6. Tareekh Ja Pera (Footprints of History), Elsa Publication Hyderabad, 2017
  7. Sanjh Bina Kehri Sindh (No Sindh without acquaintance),  Sambara Publication, 2020

Published as Collective Author (Poetry)

  • Qavi Kashmore Ja (Poets of Kashmore), Compiled by: Sahir Saleem Ogahi, Sambara Publication Hyderabad, 2016
  • Sehra Manjh Sadd (Shouts in the Desert), By Ehsan Akash, Akash Publication, 2018
  • Nazmun Jo Des (Country of Poetry), By Ehsan Akash, Akash Publication Hyderabad, 2020
  • Ghazal – e – Rang (Colors of Poetry), By Deedar Shad Gopang, Shad Publication Hyderabad, 2022

Published in Magazine (Poetry)

  • Sangat World Hyderabad 
  • Roshan Raah Magazine Thul
  • Pret Publication Kandhkot 
  • Sindh Samachar Nosheroferoz, Sindh
  • Murk (Six editions 1990)
  • Sindh Digest Hyderabad
  • Mehran Sadabahar, Tangwani
  • Monthly Jiapo
  • Weekly Sindhu Magazine Rubab Publication Kashmore 
  • Sindh Sujag & Parkh 

Last but not least, the real Ardo Utradi is Mr. Arsalah Bajkani of Kandhkot, all others are pseudo.

You can reach the Ardo Utradi at his Social Media Account 

Ardo Utradi Books on Sindh Salamat Kitab Ghar