Pro tips how to get famous on instagram as photogrpaher

20 Pro-tips: How to Become Famous on Instagram 2022

How to become famous on Instagram is among one of the most search terms in 2021. Instagram, the sixth-largest most popular social networking platform with more than 1 billion monthly daily visitors. And, number one photography social media platforms focusing on photo and video sharing.

In 2016, I created my Instagram profile @balochlens (the account got hacked and deleted on 49K followers)  and shared my first photo taken with Nikon D3200. I thought my unique perspective photos will blast on Instagram and I will become famous in 24 hours. It was an illusion because, after one month with 20+ storytelling photographs, I hardly got 10 to 15 engagement on each photo. It was discouraging and dream breaking for a noob like me. Luckily, to make the perception into reality I started researching about getting more followers, likes and reach on Instagram.

Like my story, Almost every one of us curious about being popular on Instagram and other social media within 24 hours, without investing and learning the tools of the trade. Oh, Come On!! Neither one of us is a famous personality nor a brand like BMW, Nat geo, so we have to stop dreaming and start struggling properly to make ourselves an Instagram influencer

Well, it’s time to move steps to the particular topic of how to become famous on INSTAGRAM? In other words, How to get more followers and likes on Instagram? There are couples of techniques and strategies, which makes your profile famous, especially in your targeted area. 

Your account on Instagram is a common account but have a dream to be prominent in your niche. Here is the table of content for the topic.

How to Become Famous on Instagram 

Choose An Eye-Catching Profile Name

One of the best tips for an Instagram profile is to choose a unique and simple name that matches your subject. The shorter profile name is better than the lengthier one. A profile name within 10-15 characters is easy to attract users. For better suitability choose a profile name in accordance with your content. In case you want to use your own name then it’s quite better than branding with a new one. 

Most Instagrammers choose a name that is not according to the subject. Even in real life, your name is the most important factor to make yourself prominent in any area.  Select a name that clearly identifies your niche.

How to become famous on Instagram 2021

Your Profile Must Be Public

If you want to grow your Instagram profile then make it public. Making your profile public is like, opening the shutter for the people to visit your creative store which you have recently launched in the heart of the market with desired goods and items. People can easily reach you also your profile and its content will appear in the index of a search engine, also the search bar of Instagram.

Your Bio has meaningful and Professional Look

Instagram provide you with 150 characters to describe yourself. A good biography on the profile page attracts a lot of peoples. A biography must express your profile.

Pick a Theme

If you are thinking about how to become famous on Instagram then choose your profile niche wisely. Growing a single theme profile is quite easier than mix content. Have you seen photographs of any NATGEO photographers? Their content is focused on a single niche. They put their efforts only on a particular subject and become favourite of millions of people. A profile with a particular and consistent photography theme grabs the attention audience and of Instagram feature accounts/profiles as well. This brings new followers, engagement and impressions. 

The term feature-account on Instagram refers to a large Instagram account that shares or reposts your photo or content on their profile with proper credit and tagging your profile, free of cost. 

Make your Hashtag (Creative and Unique)

A hashtag works as a label for your content. Also like a billboard on social media where your content has been advertised. Create your own Hashtag to reach your content easily. Try to create it as per user profile name like @balochlens #balochlens. Avoid using underscore “_” or other symbols in your Hashtag. Make it quite simple with fewer words.

Storytelling Content

An image with emotional, inspirational and thoughtful composition is known as Storytelling photography. Instagram visual storytelling profile draws attention by capturing the emotions without motion. 

Keep motivating yourself that the distance between you and your famousness is a single photo. Thus share your storytelling images and strike the mind of the use. Your single photo can make you an Instagram star. 

Mention Photo Location

Using the Instagram geolocation feature in your posts and stories is a great way to highlight the content for people who want to know about a particular location. I always use the geolocation feature in every photograph also use them in stories. A lot of people forget to tag location, custom or geotag, in their posts or photographs. A location is an awesome tool by using which people visit your profile. Almost 50% of engagement is done through the location.  The custom tag can be applied in the caption while the geotag option is available at the top of the post.

Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Upload your High Quality and storytelling photos on Instagram. People get interested in your product or post only if it has good quality. Your creative and quality-wise content draws the attention of many new people.  So share your best, not the bunch.

 Write Creative Caption (Photo-poetry) 

If you are really searching for how to get famous on Instagram in a night then share your Photograph with a good caption. This tip converts impressions into engagement, seamlessly. Because most people love to read the captions. Even people love to tag their friends in the comments after reading your photo-poetic post. This technique worked for me as, a successful mission to the moon. 

The best tip for writing photo-poetry on Instagram is to know your command of the language and know your audience. I have command of the Urdu language, I started writing captions in  Urdu. Within a few months, I became an Instagram star. 

Try to put awesome creative and soul-touching cut lines underneath your click,  Thus Photography + caption = more audience 

Be Consistent and Active

Initially, most people become social media addicted. But after a few days, the ghost gets down from their heads, they start sharing content in rare cases. Remember, consistency is key to success. If your content is highly creative, might be your follower waiting for the right time when you post for the right time. Rather addictive prefer consistency. 

Post often and Professionally

If someone asks me, how often to post on Instagram? As a professional, I will recommend posting one to three posts per day. According to research by tailwind, Instagram profiles who share one post or photo one day gain more likes and followers. As I mentioned share your best, not bunch. I do share one post in a day, to get high impressions and engagement.

Use relevant Hashtags wisely

Non-technical social media users are unaware of the power of the hashtag. They put spam hashtags like #Follow #F4F #Like4Like.  Spam hashtags make your profiles and content untrustworthy so avoid using them. 

Apply hashtags wisely, to brand your content in the right place for unknown audiences. A proper Hashtag works like “Putting your brand for publishing on Right Place”.  For example, If you have captured a photo of “Monument in Islamabad, Pakistan”. #Pakistan, Islamabad, #Monument etc.

Optimize Hashtags

Instagram Hashtag optimization is a technique where content creator research and use relevant hashtags for their content to get more likes and followers. The best way to optimize hashtag is to collect and use your competitor’s hashtags. An optimized Hashtag consists of a huge amount of active posts related to your work. I have seen a lot of influencer use dead Hashtags, having no active content. Try to find trending and topic-wise hashtags

Trending Hashtags: These types of Hashtags have the world’s biggest audience. These tags are also known as “General purpose Hashtags”.

Topic-wise Hashtags:  Use these Hashtags for the specific purpose of your content. These Hashtags are perfect to reach your desired contents

Avail the Benefits of Cross-posting on Social Media 

A cross-platform social media campaign or Social Bookmarking is a valuable approach to increase the reach by sharing your same content across various social networking sites. Some benefits of sharing your Instagram post on other platforms are to retain your existing audiences and get new followers. Try to utilize the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, tumbler, medium, Reddit and other social bookmarking tools.

Comment as Human Being

According to the university of texas Austin survey report, about 77.9% of people have read the comment at a certain point. The research tells that the majority of people love to read and react to interesting comments. And, it’s common among comment readers to visit the Commenter profile. 

This technique worked for me like a charm, because I always leave a descriptive comment of 6-7 sentences, which comprises power and emotional words.  Use a natural tone and ask questions in a comment. I never promoted myself in comments.

 The best tips for Instagram comments is to avoid using short comments and emojis like “Great photo” “Nice pic” or emoji. 

Praise your followers

Remember that your followers are real humans. They have feelings and emotions. They become happy when you praise them and leave your profile if they don’t hear from you. People love the response from the person with whom they are interacting. Write sincere, polite and personalize appreciative comment. A personalized comment starts with the name of the person who is being replied to. 

For example “Thanks 1000 followers”, “Thanks for your Love and promoting my work”, “Dear XYZ, your every word is highly admirable. Thanks” 

Get featured on other profiles

Instagram photo hubs or Instagram feature accounts curate, share and promote the content of a specific subject or niche on their profiles free of cost. There is a huge number of Instagram pages, feature or promote the photographers for free on their huge profile. This will boost your presence and enhance Instagram’s reach. 

My first photo was featured on @turkinstagram after 4 months of continuous tagging and following their guidelines. After that single feature, the same photo gets featured on more than TEN profiles. 

There are two ways to get featured on Instagram, in the first one, curation accounts do self-selection and share high-quality photos of a well-reputed profile. Whereas in the second method, the account selects the best photos of those photographers who have followed the proper feature guideline.

Getting featured on Instagram is very simple you have to perform research to find niche related featured accounts. Follow the instructions to get featured they have shared in bio. Use their hashtag and mention them in photos, iteratively. Last but not the least keep patience and wait for your turn.

Use all Instagram features 

Initially, Instagram has the only single feature to post a photo as a post. Now Instagram features are extended to videos, carousel posts, reels, IGTV, and the most popular— Instagram stories. 

Instagram stories are one of the best ways to worth your profile in terms of anything. Share your interactive, informative and attractive Instagram stories as much you can. Use hashtags in stories for a higher reach. 

Start from Local

Mentioning local hashtags and add geolocation to your photos optimize your Instagram content like Website SEO. Try to find optimized locations and hashtags with active content sharing. Try to tag those tags which have fewer photos, because your photo will remain on the top even other competitors shares in the same hashtag.   This will get you a good number of new followers.

Another way to become popular on Instagram is to contact with local feature profiles of your country.

Build or Be a Part of Community

An Instagram community is a group of people having profiles of the same topic.  The community will help you to grow your account by sharing each other content in stories and posts. Meanwhile, it provides great exposure to your profile.


I have shared some of the best tips to get yourself famous by gaining more followers and impression. I have pretty sure that following these tips will lead your profile high to the sky. 

It’s your turn to share your experience while using Instagram.